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BESIDE is not only a initiative from abitibi & co., it's a new magazine dedicated to the community of outdoor enthusiasts.


We are abitibi & co., a Canadian canoe and kayak company. We design and handcraft boats that are meant to be used, repaired, and passed down to future generations.

With this, our goals are to get more people outdoors, to bring more people together, and to lessen the impact we make on our global habitat.

Spending more time outdoors allows us to see, hear, and feel how the wilderness is changing, and gives us a front-row seat to the fragility of our ecosystem. This is a relationship: the more we get to know our natural surroundings, the less willing we’ll be to let them slip away.

And so Beside was born: To serve as a stage showcasing the innovative curiosity, the responsible resourcefulness, and the adventurous triumphs of a new community of outdoor enthusiasts who are redefining the scope of this relationship.


Beside is 116 pages of original content filled with essays, tales of adventure, practical guides, interview portraits and sublime photography. The magazine is published twice a year and produced individually in English and in French.

In our first issue, we collaborated with:

  • The wildlife protector Monsieur Pageau
  • Fly-fishing tribe Hooké
  • Activists Amy and Dave Freeman
  • Essayists Robert Moor and Nicolas Langelier
  • Adventurers and photographers Jeff Spackman and Alex Strohl,
  • Journalists and photographers Michael Barrus and Lise Ulrich
  • LA-based editor Vivianne Lapointe
  • Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard
  • Start-ups like Hipcamp, Colter Co. and Getaway


This magazine is the product of countless hours of dedication and commitment, by a small, passionate team, to what was once just an abstract idea. We have worked closely with the Montréal publisher Atelier 10, and collaborated with adventurers, thinkers, travelers, journalists, photographers and conservationists across North America to bring you thoughtful original content.

  • Publisher & Creative Director: Jean-Daniel Petit ; abitibi & co.
  • Editor-in-Chief: Catherine Métayer
  • Art Director / Design / Illustration: Eliane Cadieux
  • Production: Nicolas Langelier ; Atelier 10
  • And many contributors.


We have to be honest with ourselves: every step in the forest leaves a footprint. Beyond creating content dedicated to environmentally conscious, respectful and sustainable adventures, we’re committed to helping rebuild compromised natural environments.

As part of this commitment, we joined the cause of 1% for the Planet, a global movement of companies donating at least 1% of their annual net revenues to environmental organizations worldwide, and we will give $1 from the sale of each magazine to likeminded causes.


“Why would an organization committed to sustainable business practices create a print magazine and not a digital one?”
We want our magazine to be enjoyed in the city as much as around campfires, believing that in order to truly connect with nature, sometimes it's necessary to disconnect from the digital crutches that can get in the way of us living completely in the moment. And it’s printed on 100% recycled paper, so when you’re finished reading, pass it along to a friend or use it for kindling!