Who we are

The middle of the water. Abitibi. This Algonquin word doesn't just describe where we want to be. It's who we are; where we live, work and play. It's the river, where beyond every bend, lies infinite possibility and adventure. It's the lake that's seen its fair share of canoes over the years.

Adventure runs in our blood, as does the drive to protect our natural heritage and spread the joy of discovery to the lives of all Canadians. That's why we're proud to carry forward Bill Scott's passion and innovative spirit. In the 1960s, when nature's magnetic pull brought tourists to the Canadian wilderness, interest in paddling grew and Bill Scott filled the gap. From his tiny basement workshop, Scott and his soon-to-be business partner, Gerald Shepherdson, created the first of what would become thousands of expertly-crafted canoes and kayaks. Always innovating and diversifying, and with the suggestions of fellow paddlers in mind, Scott Canoe – and later Mid-Canada Fiberglass – grew to be the largest canoe builder in Canada. Adding Bluewater Canoes and Impex Kayaks to their impressive line, Gerald Shepherdson expanded MCF's reach to the US and beyond.

Half a century later, abitibi & co. is proud to build on Bill Scott's passion and MCF's legacy as Canada's greatest manufacturer of canoes and kayaks, by turning a new leaf in Quebec.

Our vision

Nature is what gets us going — makes our hearts pump, those tiny hairs on the backs of our necks stand on end. You round a corner and see a moose chomping languidly on his leafy breakfast. You paddle around a lake and spot a gnarly snapping turtle gliding through the crystal clear water below you. It's those moments that we live for. The sense of awe and wonder you so often see on the faces of kids, but far too rarely on those of ‘grown ups’ of the world. We want to pull everyone into the canals, rivers, lakes and oceans. We want to ignite a sense of adventure and make our waterways accessible to people of all backgrounds: urbanites and rural folks alike. We want you to fall in love with our waterways and work hard to protect them. We want to share the thrill, the tranquility, the adrenaline rush, and the sense of accomplishment of a day in the woods, paddling down a river, when nobody knows what lies beyond the bend.

Our purpose

Let's be honest: every canoe and kayak we produce leaves a footprint. We wish we could change that, but to have zero impact on the planet, we'd have to produce nothing. We want to get everyone outside and into our waterways, but we also want to make sure we protect and rebuild compromised natural areas and do our best to minimize our environmental impact through sustainable business practices. That's why we produce all of our canoes and kayaks locally. We use the environmentally-friendliest products we can and plan to use our business to leverage the positive impact we can have on both our community and the planet. It's the least we can do.