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Local all the way! We believe that minimizing environmental costs and maintaining high standards are more important than profit margins. With strict criteria for quality, we use the environmentally friendliest materials available and work with Canadian suppliers who share our values.

We also use state of the art technology to create the thinnest, strongest, hardiest canoes and kayaks possible, so you can spend more time seeking adventure and less time worrying about wear and tear.

Because we know that all paddlers don't have the same needs, we offer our boats in two durable layups. The bare bones are the same: we create composite canoes and kayaks using Kevlar and carbon-Kevlar with a resin to hold the fabric in place. The resin makes the hull watertight, and also provides flexibility and stability.

It also makes them super durable and easy repair. With a little bit of love and simple maintenance, your kayak or canoe should be good to pass onto the next generation of nature lovers.


As it's our love for the wilderness that keeps us going, it only makes sense that we manufacture our products in a way that's environmentally sustainable. We construct our canoes with the best quality local materials, not just supporting the Canadian economy, but also reducing our footprint on the environment by saving fuel due to transportation We also use state of the art technology that enables us to create the thinnest, strongest, hardiest canoes possible, so you can spend more time seeking adventure and less time worrying about wear and tear. We're a proudly Canadian company with a promise to do everything we can to save our pristine natural environment for future generations. So when you buy a Scott canoe from Abitibi & co., know that it's not just quality you're investing in, but also the commitment to protect and restore our waterways, and help share this natural wonder with all Canadians.

Different environments: different paddlers. There's no one-size fits all canoe, although we do make a number of canoes that would keep most people pretty darn happy. Because we know that there are different styles of paddling, different environments and different reasons to be on the water, we have canoes to fit all personalities, waterways and trip durations. Built to last for decades, our canoes contain only the highest quality materials, and are created with a pride of workmanship that's kept us going for half a century.

Our canoes are constructed from fiberglass and Kevlar,composite materials that combine light weight, durability and performance. They're also easy to repair, so if you do have a run in with a rock, it won't be the end of the world (or your canoe). When we fabricate our canoes, we consider the combination of weight, strength and cost. Lighter canoes are generally easier to transport and manoeuvre. Our heavier models have thicker layers of lamination which increases durability, but also impacts weight. These considerations, and more, are incorporated into all of our designs so that you can feel confident that when you choose a Scott Canoe, it's the right one for you.

We have a soft spot for fiberglass canoes. Though they're slightly heavier than Kevlar laminate, they are extremely durable, and the most economical choice. We've been producing fiberglass canoes since 1965, so we've certainly had time to refine and improve on our designs and processes.

Standard Kevlar
If weight's an issue, then Kevlar is definitely the way to go. This is our most popular laminate, and for good reason. Like our fiberglass canoes, the hull is rigid with a gentle flex. Both durable and lightweight, it's a fantastic choice for gung-ho trippers and idle paddlers alike.

Expedition Kevlar
The sturdiest of our laminates, these canoes are durable in harsh conditions and with continual use. They can take a beating and yet survive soundly – ideal for extended white water use. Built from similar materials to the Standard Kevlar canoes but with extra layers added, Expedition Kevlar is popular among wilderness trippers and those who need extreme durability in a lightweight canoe.

Canoes style

There are two common styles that our canoes take.

A more traditional symmetrical canoe has the same shape from the centre forward to the bow as they do from the centre back to the stern. With an even and predictable feel, they're the ideal choice for pleasure paddlers and newbies.

Asymmetrical canoes have sharper, sleeker bows with increased rocker. The sterns are shorter and ride deeper in the water. Quick, but with less initial stability than symmetrical canoes, these are great for more skilled paddlers.