At abitibi & co., we take pride in everything we produce, not just because our products are handmade in Canada but because quality is our top priority. Every product you buy comes with a 5-Year limited warranty.

5-years limited warranty if the product you are buying new, breaks due to a defect in materials or workmanship. We will repair or replace the product at our discretion. Transporting the product to the dealer of your choice will be at your expense. If your product fails due to abuse, we will make the necessary repairs at a reasonable price, transport costs will be borne by the customer. Prior to perform the repair, a quotation will be sent to the customer. If the bid is not suitable for the client the item will be returned to the recipient with only the transportation costs to be paid. Photos for application of warranty may be considered, but always at the discretion of the manufacturer. If damage is caused by poor transportation, poor storage, commercial use or unusual use such as towing behind a motor boat, etc., all warranty will be automatically cancelled.

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We strives to give warranty claims top priority to ensure timely processing and resolution. We may ask you to contact your original dealer and/or send us the defective product. If the product is to be returned to the factory, our Customer Service Department will issue a return authorization number. Please affix this number to the product along with your dealer name and contact person. Please do not return any product to the factory without a return authorization number. Return products in the original packing material or equivalent. Please include a note of explanation inside the package regarding the reason for the return, contact information and desired action.

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